Ooidal & Bourn

Collectors. Curators.
Costume Jewellery. Vintage. Modern. Repurposed.
Online. Socail media & Etsy.  Pop-ups. Retail Collaborations.
Enamel Pins. Made in UK. Limited  to 100 peices. Always designing.
Ask. Talking and emailing is good. Unusual things sometimes need some explaining.


Inspired by an item of suffragette jewellery in the O&B collection featuring amethysts, peridots and a pearl. Whilst researching the pendant we came across different colour ways worn by the suffragettes and their supporters. Green. White. Violet. Give. Women. Votes.
A possible myth.  Limited edition of 100.
Made in UK.


Our first. Have to admit our favourite.
The most successful process from original idea to actual pin. The gold plated edges acting like a frame for a photo. An idea there...  Limited edition of 100. Made in UK.


O&B have long collected interesting pin badges - picked up around the world,
(mostly Europe), in markets, for very little
cost. Some are often more subtle than others.
A modern interpretation. International Women’s Day. 8 March.  Limited edition
of 100. Made in UK.


O&B were working on this as a Valentines pin. We noticed a call for a Winter Pride art competition around the same time that rainbow plating came to our attention. Timing! Added the silvery grey raised outlines to accentuate the age of the Gay Pride movement. Aged Heart. Limited edition of 100. Made in UK.